Concreting services and custom building, Southern Highlands

JCM Construction Group, under the leadership of Joe De Murtas, has delivered exceptionally high-quality custom built homes to the Southern Highlands and Sydney area for close to 20 years.

In that time, JCM has honed its expertise in concreting services, including:

  • formwork
  • concrete slabs for houses, factories, garages and commercial premises
  • polished concrete floors
  • polished concrete kitchen benches 
  • beautifully designed contemporary furnishings like concrete benchtops, walls and integrated features like stairwells, benches and seating.
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Custom residential builds in the Southern Highlands

We create all types of residential homes to suit the needs of our clients. Working with you, we project manage the complete build – providing a superior quality result accompanied by service that is second to none.

JCM Construction Group delivers new builds as well as extensions and renovations – always delivering an exceptional result that makes us one of the most sought-after builders in the Southern Highlands.


Top-quality polished concreting and house slabs

With Joe De Murtas’s expertise in concreting services and formwork, JCM Construction Group has earned a reputation as a leader in the construction of concrete slabs, driveways, floors and fittings. Concrete finishes are an essential element of homes with contemporary styling, and can help home owners achieve thermal comfort and lower energy bills.

Types of concrete slabs

There are two types of slab-on-ground:

  • conventional slabs, with deep excavated beams
  • waffle pod slabs, which sit near ground level and have a grid of expanded polystyrene foam pods as void formers, creating a maze of beams in between. Waffle pods can be insulated beneath.

Suspended slabs are formed and poured in situ, with either removable formwork or permanent formwork that forms part of the reinforcement.

Pre-cast slabs are manufactured off-site and craned into place, either in finished form or with an additional thin pour of concrete over the top.

For more info on the different types of slabs we’ll talk about for your custom building project, visit the Australian Government’s Your Home website.